Species: Canine Psychopomp & Asian Dragon
Age: Adult
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: He/They (Mx. honorific)
Description: Page is a dark grey canine of approximately bear-size. Two dark black horns sweep out from behind their ears and they have a wolf skull for a face. Their tail is similar to that of a large cat's.
   Page is also a four-toed golden Asian dragon, with silver fur that goes down their back. They have a pink nose with a small brown spot, and silver eyes.              


   Page is the host of the Sol System, and is the one typically at front. They view themself as at least partially human because of this, and consider themself to be folcintera due to the mythical-divine nature of their identity. They also have fictionkin-adjacent portions of their identity that they are still exploring and working to understand.
   Page's passions are religious studies and art, and they currently collect dice and pins. 
   Page is a polytheistic pagan, and worships and works with multiple deities. They prefer to keep the details regarding their religious beliefs and rituals private beyond that.
   They are bisexual, transgender, and nonbinary, and often use the term "queer" to refer to themself and other members of the Sol System to explain their complex and not-entirely-human perceptions of gender and sexuality. Page describes their gender as somewhere in the middle of "masculine," "null," "androgynous," "dog," and "dragon."