Homo Sapiens [Version Q15978631]
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"What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

Opal Claws

‣ What's your origin?
None of your fucking business.
‣ Are you alterhuman?
Definitely not.
 ‣ Why are you a cannibal?
Because dragons taste delicious.
‣ You make me feel insecure/angry/upset.
That's a you problem.

Minors do not interact.
Trans-medicalists do not interact.
System-medicalists do not interact.
Humans and singlet alterhumans on thin ice.

Name:                          N. Noel Sol
Species:                      Dragon, European
Age:                             Adult
Pronouns:                   She/They
Diet:                             Opportunistic Cannibal
Habitat:                       [Redacted]
Description:                A white European dragon with red eyes. I have a thin muzzle and two white horns, with long sharp spikes that go down the entirety of my  back.  I have a large scar across my chest and into my back.
Prev. Occupation:       War Dragon
Current Occupation:   [Redacted]