Sleeping on my Hoard

Why yes- I am the dragon you've been looking for.

Drago Sol

Handsome. Charming. Brilliant musician. Irresistible lizard. Truly, what more needs to be said about me?

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An 11 Amoung 10s

People will look at Stormy and go, "What a fun person to be around!" People will look at Noel and simp for her confidence and dominance. People will look at Dash and appreciate his wit and feathers. And people will theoretically know about Wyvern. But me? I'm the energy behind the entire operation, treasures.

I think you're being a little facetious...

Species: European Dragon
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Description: Drago is a red and golden European dragon with dark blue eyes. He has one large golden nose horn and two golden horns at the base of his skull. Small black spikes line his neck and back, and he has a yellow underbelly and yellow wing membranes.