We are a five-person nonhuman system that goes by The Sol System. Born in 1997 in southern Florida, we have a Bachelor's in Religious Studies and have been a part of nonhuman/alterhuman communities since 2014. We are a queer and religiously plural collective that enjoys all forms of art, though our specialties include literature and digital art. We are currently working on a lighthearted internet comic strip about alterhumanity called Shenani-kins, and we currently reside in the southern US with our supportive non-alterhuman partner and several plants.
By creating this website, we are hoping to be able to lend our experiences, opinions, and understandings of the world to any who might find them useful or even relatable.     


While we have spoken with medical professionals regarding our multiplicity, the cause is still not clear. We do not match the symptoms required for DID due to a lack in amnesia, and also lack in any sort of consistent distress from our multiplicity. We have also been together like this for the duration of our conscious lives, rather than appearing after a significant (traumatic) event, which further complicates our understanding of our plurality.
We each have different opinions on how exactly we ended up the way we are, but for now until the foreseeable future, we will never truly know for certain. As of current, we define ourselves as a quoigenic system, which is to say that we don't know our origins and we're also not looking for a strict definition in the way most other systems are.              


Most of us do not use alterhuman terms for our individual identities. This is for the main fact that a majority of us do not view ourselves to be human in any true and valid way; rather than seeing our biologically human body as an extension or representation of us on a permanent level, we find it much more apt to compare it to an apartment. You may live and spend a majority of your time inside of an apartment, but you yourself are not that apartment. One day, your lease will expire, and you'll ideally move on to bigger and better things.
The host, Page, does use the term "folcintera" to describe themself due to the fact that they feel an affinity with the human body, as they spend the most time of anyone fronting. They have considered themself a part of alterhuman communities since 2014.                

Meet The System