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Werelist: The oldest therian forum out there. Werelist kind of the ol’ reliable of nonhuman forums– it’s on the smaller side, it’s been around forever, and the staff that work there have done nothing but good for the nonhuman communities. While a majority of the members are old-school therianthropes or similar, this forum is welcoming to pretty much everyone given its diverse nonhuman staff pool and rich history. 

Visit the Werelist

Kinmunnity: Originally called Wulfhowl, this forum has had a rocky history in that it’s constantly going down and starting back up. Has a collection of nonhuman articles and was started by Naia, of the infamous “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf! *howls*” meme. The moderation here can get a little questionable at times, but the forum is decently active.

Visit the Kinmunnity

AltH Forums: One of the newer forums listed, owned and operated by the nonprofit Alt+H: The Nonhuman Advocacy Group. A slower-to-update forum, it holds a lot of promise and is explicitly focused around alterhuman experiences as a whole.

Visit Alt+H Forums

Draconity: By dragons, for dragons! And friends-of-dragons are welcome, too, or course. One of the only species-specific forums we know of (though “species” is being a little narrow– everyone’s accepted here, from the smallest of traditional dragons to the biggest of fictional dragon-related creatures. Anything draconic, really!).

Visit Draconity

Therian-Kin Corner: A ProBoards forum that re-opened in 2021, Therian-Kin Corner is aimed largely at therianthropes as a place to encourage diverse discussion and debate. A smaller forum, this is the perfect place if you're worried about getting overwhelmed by a larger forum's complexity.

Visit Therian-Kin Corner

Nonhuman National Park: The newest forum on the list, Nonhuman National Park is another ProBoards forum aimed towards nonhumans, alterhumans, and plurals. The Park aims to "establish itself as a community hub and resource center focused on strengthening bridges between various communities and individuals, helping tear down faction-based mindsets, and promoting new growth and ideas," to quote part of its mission statement. 

Visit Nonhuman National Park


Therian Guide: An extremely controversial older private forum. Oftentimes therian elitist, anti-system/anti-plurality, and has extreme moderation problems– once you post on here, it can virtually impossible to get your content removed or changed. One of the co-owners, LycanTheory, has been accused of bestiality and pedophilia and the evidence is substantial, and other staff members have also been seen to have connections to well-known zoophiles on their social media pages. Associated websites and projects run by the moderation team of Therian Guide include Otherkin Phenomena, a previously defunct and now-revived forum geared towards separating therianthropic and otherkin experiences (with additional anti-fictionkin attitudes);, an uncurated RSS feed that trawls forums and social media platforms;, an in-progress website designed to "share with you some of our personal stories of experience of Therianthropy and how we've come to terms dealing with it";, an in-progress website designed to "present [sic] some anonymous personal stories of people who experience Species Dysphoria"; and the Were We Are podcast by Zefer Nezumi, one of the moderators of Therian Guide who publicly follows and interacts with the co-host of the Zooier Than Thou podcast, a podcast certered around zoophilia and bestiality, on his Twitter.

Therian Amino: The largest therianthropy-based Amino out there, with (as of 2021) over 8,000 members. Largely anti-system and anti-plurality, Therian Amino changed its moderation guidelines so that only multiple systems who matched very specific criteria were allowed to use system terminology. The criteria generally went as followed: 1) The system must attribute their plurality solely to trauma inflicted at a young age. This excluded older traumagenic systems; systems who explained their plurality through more spiritual, religious, or cultural avenues; systems who had multiple mixed theories behind their origins; and systems who refused to attribute a singular reason to their plurality, did not have any working theories behind the origin of their plurality, or just felt uncomfortable with being forced to share such. 2) The system must either be diagnosed with DID, or otherwise fall into DID diagnostic criteria. This excluded systems diagnosed with MPD from the DSM-III; systems diagnosed with DDNOS from the DSM-IV; systems diagnosed with OSDD-1 and OSDD-1b from the DSM-V; and systems who felt their experiences were not in-line with the diagnostic criteria or otherwise rejected psychiatrict models of multiplicity. Many systems who protested this change were banned or otherwise forcibly removed from system-oriented groups and discussions on the Amino, even including long-standing community members and professionally diagnosed systems such as HouseofChimeras.