Alterhuman: An umbrella term and identity created for anyone who feels they have an identity which extends beyond the scope of how one might typically think of “being human.” Communities such as otherkin are generally considered to be under the umbrella. Similar: Alterbeing. Coined by Malchior on September 26, 2014. 

Awakening: The moment or period of time when someone realizes that they do not identify wholly as human, or the moment or period of time in which someone confirms a specific nonhuman identity. Synonyms: Awere. 

Cladotherianthrope: A type of therianthrope where someone identifies as a larger group of similar animals (such as a clade or genus) rather than as one singular species. Synonyms: Cladotherian. 

Co-conscious: When two or more members of a system are experiencing or otherwise aware of what the physical body is experiencing but may or may not be exhibiting any control over the body’s actions. Similar: Co-fronting. 

Co-fronting: When two or more members of a system are actively controlling the physical body and/or aware the body. Similar: Co-conscious. 

Contherianthrope: A type of therianthrope. Contherians do not experience any separation nor fluctuation between their human species identity and nonhuman species identity, and as a result do not experience shifts. This has been referred to by some as a wholly “static” identity, and has been compared much to the same way non-therian humans experience their humanity. Synonyms: Contherian. Coined by Joshua Lion Templin on January 19, 1997. 

Copinglinker: Someone who voluntarily takes on an identity or strong relation with something else, usually for the purpose of coping. Similar: Otherlinker. Coined by Who-is-Page on August 26, 2015.

Dishuman: Someone who has nonhuman experiences which influence their ability to differentiate reality from imagination/fiction/general unreality, and who has experienced exclusion or ostracization on a societal level (such as for being queer, for being disabled, etc.) Coined by stratic-eing on October 22, 2021? 

Endel: A term created for psychotic and delusional nonhumans to reference an involuntary nonhuman or fictional human identity which is affected by, caused by, or originates from a delusion. Endels may or may not also identify as alterhuman, depending. Antonyms: Undel. Coined by babydog/Xenethes on April 22, 2021. 

Epinoema: A label, identity, concept, or emotion which feels important to the formation of one’s identity and arises from or is in direct connection to a noema or noemata. Can also be used as a descriptor term attached to a label or other identity marker, such as having an “epinoematic hearttype.” Synonyms: Ephnoema. Plural: Epinoemata. Coined by Dash L. Duke of the Sol System on October 29, 2021.  

Exotrauma: A term used to reference traumatic experiences that did not occur in this body, life, and/or universe. 

Extranthrope: A member of a multiple system who is nonhuman, or who otherwise experiences their body within the inner world of the system as being nonhuman. Synonyms: Extranth. Coined by neutrois-lesbadger in 2018. 

Factkin: Someone who identifies as a separate human person who exists or has existed. Originally coined by anti-otherkin on Tumblr for the sake of trolling. 

Fictherian: Someone who identifies partially or entirely as a fictional individual or creature, and whose experiences within their identity are marked by a unique animality. Similar: Therian. Coined by Daski/indornaga on February 18, 2021. 

Fictionflicker: A phenomena where someone temporarily takes on the identity of or characteristics of a fictional character or species, typically after consuming media which includes them. 

Fictionkin: Someone who identifies as partially or entirely a fictional creature or character, typically non-physically. This identity is usually spiritual or psychological in nature and is considered to be involuntary. Generally considered to be both a subset of the otherkin community (especially for nonhuman identifying fictionkin) as well as its own community. Synonyms: Mediakin, Fickin. Similar: Otakukin, Ota-kin, Fictherian. 

Fictive: A member of a multiple system who originates from a published fictional source in some form: this can include literal characters from fictional media, fictional species/creatures, and members who otherwise claim ties to fictional worlds. Similar: Fictional introject. 

Fictotype: A fictionkin’s specific species or character identity. Similar: Kintype, Theriotype. 

Folcintera: 1) Someone who non-physically identifies as an animal from or deeply intertwined with mythos/folklore. 2) Someone who experiences a form of involuntary, intrinsic nonhumanity with aspects of both animality and sapience, and which originates from or is personally intrinsically tied to mythology, folklore, or other forms of cultural legend. Folcintera may or may not also identify as alterhuman or otherkin, depending.  Similar: Theriomythic. Coined by Page Shepard of the Sol System in February 2021. 
Fronting: The act of a systemmate being in control of the physical body and being aware of the body’s actions. Similar: Co-fronting.  

Furry: A member of the furry fandom, a fandom which focuses around the appreciation of anthropomorphic creatures. Some furries, such as “furry lifestylers” and “postfurry” individuals may view themselves as alterhuman due to how they interact with the fandom and incorporate it into their sense of selves. 

Godshard: Someone who considers themselves to have a linked “shard”, part, element, or other similar aspect of a deity, spirit, or other mythic entity within their self. 

Greymuzzle: 1) An individual who participated in alt.horror.werewolves in 1995 and is still active within nonhuman circles. 2) An older adult individual who has been an active, recognizable participant in nonhuman communities for over ten years. 3) An individual who has contributed to or changed one or more nonhuman communities in monumental ways over a period ranging from several years to several decades. 4) (Most commonly used) A combination of definition 2 and 3. Synonyms: Graymuzzle, Elder. 

Hearthome: A real or fictional location, landscape, region, or place which evokes a strong sensation of emotional attachment and familiarity. 

Howl: An in-person meetup of nonhuman-identifying individual, especially those who identify as therianthropes. Past recorded howls have been as small as four individuals, and as large as forty individuals. Synonyms: Gathering, Yowl, Hiss.

Inner world: A shared, non-physical space where system members live and reside. Some systems may consider this realm to be purely a mental construct, while others may have more spiritual or religious explanations. Not all systems have inner worlds, and some singlets experience similar phenomena under different names (ex. mind palaces, mind libraries). Synonyms: Mindscape, Headspace, Otherworld, Soulscape, Wonderland, Mindspace. Similar: Mind Palace. 

Kintype:  An otherkin’s specific nonhuman identity. Synonyms: -kin. Similar: Theriotype, Fictotype. 

Median: A type of plural system where all systemmates are dependant on a singular individual or multiple “core” members. Some systemmates may be described as extensions of the “core” individual or individuals. 

Medusan: Someone who is alterhuman, or who otherwise identifies as nonhuman, who is romantically or sexually attracted to other alterhumans and/or sapient nonhuman creatures. Medusan individuals may or may not also be attracted to humans. Similar: Terato, Teratosexual. Coined by Queer-Buccaneers on December 26, 2017. 

Multiple: 1) A type of plural system where the systemmates are all entirely independent from one another and possess a self-identity distinct from each other. 2) A physical body which has more than one entity or individual existing within it.  

Nephesh mavar: An individual whose alterhumanity or alterhuman identity is influenced by Jewish spirituality, theology or philosophy. Coined by swiftfoxn on January 7, 2021. 

Knowledge or information gleamed about one’s kintype, or the life of one’s kintype. Plural: Neomata. Coined by Poppy/aestherians on January 8, 2019.  

Otherhearted: Someone who experiences a deep connection or relation to a something. Also used as an umbrella term which encompasses animalhearted and fictionhearted experiences. Synonyms: Kith, Synpath, ‘Hearted. 

Otherkin: Someone who identifies as partially or entirely nonhuman, typically non-physically. This identity is usually spiritually or psychological in nature and is considered to be involuntary or otherwise integral to one’s sense of self. Often used as an umbrella term which encompasses fictionkin and therian experiences, but also functions as an individual identity label. Synonyms: ‘Kin. 

Paleotherian: A type of therian whose theriotype is an extinct or presumed-extinct animal. Coined by Windigo The Feral on January 25, 1997. 
Paratype: A fictional character, a nonhuman creature, an object, or a concept which does not fall into any pre-established category of identity such as kintype, theriotype, fictotype, nor hearttype, but which feels important to one’s established identity. Coined by Poppy/aestherians in March of 2019.  

Physical Shifter/P-shifter: An individual who believes themselves to have the power to change their physical appearance and biology at will, despite all scientific evidence proving otherwise. These people are not otherkin nor therians, but will frequently claim to be in order to attempt to gain access to the community. 

Phytanthrope: Someone who identifies partially or entirely asa plant or fungus, typically non-physically. Synonyms: Plantkin. Coined by Darahagh of HouseofChimeras in February of 2013. 

Plural: An umbrella term of experiences and identities which encompasses all phenomena in which more than one entity or consciousness may exist within a single physical body. Synonyms: Multiple. 

Polymorph: A subset within the otherkin community. Someone who identifies as a type of shapeshifter with no distinct default or “true” form. Synonyms: Polyshifter. 

Heptagram: The seven-pointed star often used to represent the otherkin community. Traditionally depicted as a {7/3} heptagram or acute heptagram.  Synonyms: Septagram, Seven-pointed star, Elven star, Faerie star. 
Shifting: A temporary, often sensorily transformative, experience that one relates or attributes to their nonhuman or alterhuman identity, or similar factors. While non-alterhuman humans can experience shifts, this terminology is generally considered specific to the alterhuman and nonhuman communities. Originated from the therian/were community, likely in reference to werewolf mythology and shapeshifting. Click here for a comprehensive list of coined shifting terms and related terms.

Species dysphoria: Discomfort, disorientation, discontentment, restlessness, dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, or other feelings of deep unease that someone may experience due to a mismatch between their biological species and species identity. 

Suntherianthrope: A type of therianthrope. Suntherians do not experience any separation between their human species identity and nonhuman species identity, and do not experience mental shifts. Synonyms: Suntherian, Syntherianthrope, Syntherian. Similar: Vacillant therian. Coined by WordWolf on April 18, 2005.  

System: A group of consciousnesses or entities sharing a single, physical body. 

Systemmate: A member of a multiple system, or one individual in a physical body which otherwise houses multiple individuals. Synonyms: Headmate. 

Therianthrope: Someone who identifies, typically non-physically, as partially or entirely nonhuman, either specifically as an animal species that exists or has existed on Earth, or as a nonhuman species which experiences particularly animalistic instincts or urges. Often viewed as a subset of the otherkin community, though the original therian community developed independently. Synonyms: Therian, Were, Animalkin. Similar: Fictherian. 

Theriomythic: 1) An individual who identifies non-physically as a type of categorically fantastical creature, but whose experiences within their identity are marked by a unique animality. 2) An individual who identifies non-physically as a creature from mythology, folklore, or another form of legend. Originally created for identities and individuals which do not fit neatly into either “otherkin” nor “therian” communities. Similar: Folcintera, Folcinteric, Fictherian. 

Theriotype: A therianthrope’s specific species identity. Synonyms: Therioside, Wereside, Phenotype. Similar: Kintype, Fictotype.

Theta Delta: A symbol created to represent the therian community, which consists of the Theta and Delta Greek characters overlaying one another. 

Transspecies: A term without a strict, singular definition. Some nonhumans use this term to reference a desire to modify or transition their bodies into something less human, often driven by species dysphoria; others may utilize this term to describe their complex relationship with their body, especially as someone who may be both transgender and nonhuman. Transspecies individuals may or may not also identify as alterhuman due to their identity. 

Vacillant therianthrope: A type of therianthrope. Vacillant therians do not experience any separation between their human species identity and nonhuman species identity but may experience gradual shifts and fluctuations between the two. Some refer to vacillant therianthrope shifts as “sliding shifts” due to this unique aspect. Synonyms: Vacillant therian. Similar: Suntherianthrope, Suntherian, Syntherianthrope, Syntherian.  

Walk-in: 1) An individual systemmate who appears in a system after-birth, oftentimes with fully formed memories of a separate existence prior to when they appeared in the system. 2) An individual who appears within an inner world, who may or may not be a part of the system. Antonyms: Walk-out.  

Werewolf sympathizer: An obsolete term from the were community, to reference non-weres within, adjacent to, or interested in weres and were community spaces. Synonyms: Symp.