This glossary isn't meant to be representative of singularly terminology that is commonly used and recognized in alterhuman and otherkin communities. While some terms may be relatively well-known, others may be obselete or so niche as to be entirely unknown even to longtime participants in alterhuman spaces.

This glossary is meant to be a fun little part of the website where I store every single shifting term I have ever seen mentioned and/or defined like a voracious squirrel on the hunt for pre-winter nuts. It's useful for other people who are curious about the diversity of this specific subset of terms like I am, but isn't designed with people unfamiliar with community rhetoric in mind. That is to say, plenty (if not most) words in here are rarely or never used in alterhuman community spaces, OR are only used when mentioned in disbeliving ways (such as references to "physical shapeshifting") so please don't assume that just because they're on here they are therefore a "thing." 

Know of a shifting term not already listed in this glossary?

I want to hear about it! Message me on my Tumblr or Twitter with links to its coining post or similar.