Sometimes it can be hard to balance someone's contributions to the community and the importance of archival work, and their absolute horseshit personality and opinions. With that said, people who have proven themselves to be especially awful in the website owner's  personal opinions , such as the pro-bestiality louts and those who support them, have been excluded from these lists to the best of the website owner's abilities. If you have a problem with this, sucks to suck.

Creative Projects

These are different creative projects which have been made by alterhuman individuals or based off of alterhuman experiences.







A G-rated comic by Orion Scribner on otherkin.


A comic by Page Shepard on nonhuman experiences in a human world.

LB Lee's Comics and Zines, One-pagers, and Lectures and Prose

LB Lee's collection of creative and nonfiction works. 

Gemini: The Webcomic about Living Plural

A comic by the Zyfron System about their lives together. 

The Realm of Kaerwyn

A comic by Jakkal based on the Kaeryn RP.

Black Tapestries

A comic by Jakkal.

The Delta Project

A comic anthology of transformation/shapeshifting stories by Jakkal.