Sometimes it can be hard to balance someone's contributions to the community and the importance of archival work, and their absolute horseshit personality and opinions. With that said, people who have proven themselves to be especially awful in the website owner's  personal opinions , such as the pro-bestiality louts and those who support them, have been excluded from these lists to the best of the website owner's abilities. If you have a problem with this, sucks to suck.


These communities cater towards alterhuman experiences and individuals Some may be species- or experience-specific, while others may be more open-ended. Please read the descriptions of each!

Alt+H Forum

Owned and operated by the Alt+H group, this forum is focused on alterhuman experiences as a whole. Any and all are welcome to join and participate. This forum started in 2020.


"For dragons, by dragons." This forum caters to dragons and other draconics and has been active since 1998. 


A forum for dragons, dragon-lovers, and friends of both, Draconity.org has been active since 2003 and recently got a full-site update in 2022.

Dragon's Landing

A ProBoards forum for anyone who considers themself to be a dragon or dragonkind. Draconics of all scales and sizes are welcome, be they "western, wyvern, wyrm, or anything in between.". This forum began in 2022.

Nonhuman National Park

A ProBoards forum focused on inclusion and intersectionality of nonhuman, alterhuman, and plural identities. This forum began in 2021.

The Obsidian Spire

A forum for any and all nonhuman-identifying individuals. This forum started in 2021.

Wilder Trails

A ProBoards forum dedicated to individuals who experience animal identities, more specifically " therianthropes, theriomythics, fictherians, animal-hearts and animal other-linkers, as well as those who have headmates, system members, alters or thoughtforms that are animal in nature," though non-animals are also welcome to join. This forum started in 2022.