Sometimes it can be hard to balance someone's contributions to the community and the importance of archival work, and their absolute horseshit personality and opinions. With that said, people who have proven themselves to be especially awful in the website owner's  personal opinions , such as the pro-bestiality louts and those who support them, have been excluded from these lists to the best of the website owner's abilities. If you have a problem with this, sucks to suck.

Large Writing Collections

These websites host especially large collections of writings, typica​lly by a variety of authors on multiple different subjects.

Orion Scribner's Nonfiction Writings

Orion Scribner's nonfiction ebooks and PDFs, illustrations, and comics.

The Chimeras' Library

House of Chimeras' collection of ebooks, essays, short stories, lectures, and comics.

Project Shift

Articles on therianthropy, terminology, and the therianthropic community.

The WereLibrary

An index of writings about therianthropy.

The Alterhuman Archive

A collection of nonhuman and alterhuman writings.


A collection of writings about fictionkin.


A resource hub with articles, creative works, community events, and groups for otherkin.

The Silver Elves' Blog

The Silver Elves' Wordpress blog on magic and elfae.

Fictionkind Dreamwidth

A gathering place for serious alterfiction discussion, with regular prompts.

Animal Quills Dreamwidth [DEFUNCT]

Essays by animal-people on or related to their identities and experiences.