I typically lecture at conventions, especially OtherCon.

I use OBS to record my screen, and I use a Blue Yeti Nano microphone in order to capture my audio.

Almost all my lectures can be found on my YouTube channel!

Anti-Otherkin: A Symptom of a Greater Problem

We’ve all heard it before-- outsider commentary on the otherkin community that comes from a completely baseless understanding of what the word otherkin means and how the otherkin community functions. Accusations of culthood, attempts to psychopathologize, equations to large-scale fandoms: all these and more have been thrown at the otherkin community long enough that they’re now considered staples of self-proclaimed “anti-otherkin” rhetoric. But have you ever stopped and considered why such language seems universal to anti-otherkin, and why so few will ever stop and change their assumptions upon being corrected? While some may chalk it up to human stubbornness, a look into Western understandings of religion might hold the key to understanding just where these assumptions come from, and why they don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

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