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LycanTheory & Therian Guide Beware

Beware last updated 09/14/2022.

Allegations of bestiality and pedophilic grooming have been levied towards the previous co-owner of the forum, LycanTheory, since approximately 2017. A twitter thread discussion surrounding potential evidence regarding the original bestiality claims from 2017 and the later pedophiliac claims from 2019 can be found here(mirror). In pictures within the thread and within outside, archived webpage capture tools, LycanTheory is said to have had an active account on "BeastForum.com - The Worlds Largest Bestiality Board." The alleged account user page connected to LycanTheory on the forum can be seen here, under the username "LycanTheory". LycanTheory later confirmed on Twitter that it was his account here(mirror). Archived webpages of LycanTheory's BeastForum account's posts can be seen here, in which the poster asks about therianthropy; here, in which the poster talks about their first sexual time with a dog; and here, in which the poster discusses relationship difficulties due to their bestialist tendencies. According to these three previously linked archived webpages, the poster "LycanTheory" had been active on BeastForum since June 24, 2008. 

Outside of BeastForum allegations, LycanTheory has also publicly rallied against explicitly anti-bestiality/anti-bestialist movements and policies on his personal Twitter account, as seen here(mirror) and here(mirror), and has also asserted that he believes animals can consent to sexual activities with humans, as seen here(mirror). LycanTheory publicly self-identifies as a part of the "zoo," "Zeta," or "ζ" community, a community focused on bestialists and zoophiles alike, within his Twitter bio as of 2021, as can be seen here(mirror), and has also publicly asserted himself as a "zoo" within Twitter posts and replies, as can be seen here(mirror) and here(mirror). LycanTheory claims here(mirror) to have been a part of the "zoo" community for the last 25 years as of 2021. 

LycanTheory announced the he was resigning as co-owner of the Therian Guide forum June 6th, 2022 due to other staff members catering to "anti-zoo clout chasers," on his Twitter here(mirror). He specifically accused fellow Therian Guide staff member Zefer Nezumi of turning "a blind eye to the harassment of zoo therians" and accused Zefer of allowing Bubbles the Cheetah to be "groomed [...] under [Zefer's] nose" in a seperate thread, here(mirror).

LycanTheory founded the forum Therian Underground for zoophiles in July, 2022 with his then-partner JadeEyedWere. Although his tweets announcing such have been deleted, multiple individuals reacted to the announcement and can be sourced from to confirm these claims. The original announcement Tweets have been saved on Discords where it was linked, as seen in this screenshot here(mirror), and exists in the form of screenshots, as seen here(mirror), where LycanTheory showed screenshots of the forum's Twitter account and stated that he and JadeEyedWere would be "launching a #therian community resource that vows to welcome and protect zoo therians -as it's primary focus-". Twitter user and self-identified "zoosexual" @WolfLupus posted about the forum and described it as "zoo friendly" on his tweet here(mirror). Twitter user @TalviyoTherian posted a warning on Twitter about the forum, including that it "is [...] run by JadeEyedWere and LycanTheory, both of which are zoophiles," as seen here(mirror). Tumblr user DrDisRespect posted a screenshot of the announcement Tweet from LycanTheory's @ShepperNoodle Twitter account here(mirror). Deleted posts which tag @TherianUndergrnd, the Twitter for the Therian Underground Forum, can also be seen tagging @ShepperNoodle, one of LycanTheory's Twitter handles, as seen here(mirror) and posts tagging the Therian Underground Twitter as well as @ShepperNoodle and @Pantherianthrop, one of JadeEyedWere's Twitter handles, can be seen here(mirror). Werelist administrator Savage also posted an advertisement for the Therian Underground forum on Werelist, describing it as being "focused on 'taboo' topics in therianthropy support," as seen here(mirror). The Therian Undergrnd Twitter account has deleted all of its tweets and replies since its creation, save for one that says, "Our platform will be safe for zoos," as seen here(mirror). It is unknown if Therian Underground is currently offline or if it has moved to a different site address than originally advertised at.

Staff member Zefer Nezumi also self-identifies as part of the "zoo," "Zeta," or " ζ" community, as he has stated here(mirror). He has supported LycanTheory's stances regarding bestiality, as seen here(mirror) and here(mirror) in relation to LycanTheory's pro-bestiality perspective and anger towards Orion Scribner's anti-bestiality tweets. Examples of Zefer's own defense of the ​"zoo," "Zeta," or " ζ" community can be seen here(mirror) and here(mirror) regarding the Freedom of Form nonprofit stating that the "ζ" community was not welcome to interact with their work.

Therian Guide as a forum allows for zoophilia-related and "zoosexuality"-related topics to be spoken of in-depth within PG-13 sections of the forum, as can be seen on their public rules set, here(mirror), in rule II.22. They formalized and explained this further in a Therian Guide members-only staff post on July 31st 2020, as seen here, where co-owner DustWolf clarifies "We thereby allow zoo discussion on Therian Guide -- we allow the sharing of personal stories and experiences about feelings of attraction to animals, anywhere on the forum (although 18+ material should be limited to the Adult Board). ... Debates on the topic of consent are not allowed, neither is discussion of bestiality." 

Therian Guide owner Dust Wolf has also publicly stated on his twitter that "60% of all Therians are zoo and all Therians are welcome on Therian Guide" as seen here(mirror). This statistic is also inaccurate.

Therian Guide has also been said to harbor anti-plurality attitudes, which has included using a posts from r/SystemCringe in order to debate the legitimacy of a then-active and formally diagnosed plural member of the Therian Guide forum, and the legitimacy of systems overall, as can be seen in the members-only thread "Systems cringe" here. Owner DustWolf has stated in the members-only thread "Multiple Personalities" that "it would appear to be a kind of epidemic as of late, especially in the wider alter-human community that everyone in it has to have a multiple personality problem" (DustWolf, January 12, 2020) and in the members-only thread "Identifying with a medical condition" that "in many online spaces outside of Therian Guide, where therians are present, there is a growing movement towards people using various various medical conditions as part of their social identity. I don't have to name names, but there are people who identify as being a system (based on a medical diagnosis of multiple personalities) or similar. As I have stated before, I do not believe this is acceptable. If one has a medical condition they should be working on getting it resolved, possibly through the use of a medical professional. We should never arrive at a point where people think it's cool to have a medical condition. I believe people who identify with their medical condition and advertise this online, are acting irresponsibly" (DustWolf, September 25, 2021). Previous Co-Owner LycanTheory has similarly stated on the members-only thread "Plurality, systems, etc." his question of "Why should we accept anyone's claims of "plurality" without a professional diagnosis or history of treatment when, as said, it can and has been used as an excuse or simply as an added "special" factor"(mirror) (LycanTheory, date unknown; link leads to a picture of the event rather than the forum post in question).

Therian Guide has also been accused of therian elitism by a variety of otherkin and therianthropes over the years: one r/Therian thread, linked here(mirror), described it as having issues with " the staff and their elitism," (deleted user, May 01, 2020), and being "really unwelcoming and ... kind of a snobby place," (u/Dromaeoraptor, August 25, 2020). One Tumblr user left the forum because "a certain level of transphobia and ableism was allowed to just go unchecked"(mirror) (unashamed--felinity, May 05, 2021), and another Tumblr user claimed that "when I expressed how I thought I was having dream shifts where I thought myself to be a wolven creature with black fur, the admins of forum & their friends (instead of educating me) proceeded to call me a fake and bullied me on my introduction post so consistently [that] I ended up deactivating & leaving the website"(mirror) (Forestbled, July 03, 2021). The latter Tumblr post contains a number of similar stories, including how "the admins proceeded to interrogate me about it and invalidate my identity as a dragon, saying i wasn’t a real dragon. i felt terrible and invalid. i was only 14 at the time, and they knew this,"(mirror) (coyoteefs, July 03, 2021). Another, separate response went so far as to say that "it’s really concerning how many therians out there have had negative experiences on TG"(mirror) (junipers-branch, July 15, 2021). One Tumblr post has a variety of screenshots of specific incidents from Therian Guide that some alterhumans have taken issues with, including anti-endogenic attitudes, and can be found here(mirror).

Anti-fictionkin and more generalized separatist-alterhuman attitudes are also said to be present in the Therian Guide community, most notably claimed to be from staff. Within the members-only thread "Why therianthropy should be divorced from Alt-H and possibly "otherkin"," Owner DustWolf has stated that "when you look at Fictionkin, Tulpas, some Otherkin, etc., they all center around identity and look these concepts up primarily because they want to identify a certain way, or want to belong to a clique. ... So it looks like most of Alt+H (and what they are actively advertising) is fundamentally different from Therians, so perhaps we don't belong in that umbrella," (DustWolf, September 30, 2020). Within the same thread, previous co-owner LycanTheory has also stated that "the otherkin and alterhuman communities are moving to define themselves in such a way that is contradictory (and a bit insulting if I'm honest) to what's widely accepted as therianthropy. [Therianthropes] are not an identity movement that's manifestation exists solely in virtual space where we can "excape from our bodies". Nor do [therianthropes] have anything to do with "glitch feminism" or any of this other identity politics nonsense," (LycanTheory, September 30, 2020). LycanTheory has also seemingly disavowed both fictionkin and alterhumans on his Twitter, saying that "#alterhuman too, go fuck off and be whatever diluted to oblivion umbrella corporation/political movement you want. I and most other therians give 0 fucks. We aren't you and you aren't us, nor do you speak for us. You don't even understand us," (mirror) (LycanTheory January 29, 2021), "Go fuck off and daydream about being superman or a narcissist royal elf's cousin's mama's baby granddaughter or someshit. That kind of sensational bullshit isn't what being a #therian is all about," (mirror) (LycanTheory, January 30, 2021), and "Someone who experiences a deep feeling of empathy with/a state of being as/a life experience that is more animal in nature is a #therian. This is in no way comparable to someone who identifies as superman. I don't know what sort of mental gymnastics are being practiced to somehow reason that these two things are the same or that specific character, humanoid #fictionkin think they know a fucking thing about what we experience. You don't." (mirror) (LycanTheory, March 04, 2021).

Therian Guide has been removed from Therian Top 100 as of 2020 due to its alleged connections with zoophilia and bestiality.

Some projects and websites affiliated with Therian Guide include:
     Otherkin Phenomena forum
     Therian.org (Discontinued)
     Animalsoul.org (Discontinued)
     SpeciesDysphoria.com (Discontinued)
     Were We Are podcast
     Cheetah Chirps podcast
     Therian Bedtime Stories YouTube