Sometimes it can be hard to balance someone's contributions to the community and the importance of archival work, and their absolute horseshit personality and opinions. With that said, people who have proven themselves to be especially awful in the website owner's  personal opinions , such as the pro-bestiality louts and those who support them, have been excluded from these lists to the best of the website owner's abilities. If you have a problem with this, sucks to suck.

Writing Prompts & Challenges

These are collections or multi-day writing challenges and prompt lists geared towards alterhumans and nonhumans

The 30-Day Nonhuman Challenge

A month-long writing challenge created by Tsu.

30 Days of Otherkin

A month-long prompt list by Makhsi for otherkin.

30 Days of Dissociative Identity Disorder

A month-long prompt list for DID systems by Reginald Magpie of the Collective Catalyst system.

Unhinged 30 Days of Otherkin Challenge

A month-long writing challenge created by Kiera. Open for anyone to participate in, despite the name.

The Folcintera Week Challenge

A week-long challenge created by Who-is-Page of the Sol System for folcintera, though theriomythics, fictherians, and similar identities are also welcome to participate in it.

Beyond Awakening's Prompts & Challenges

Beyond Awakening's various writing challenges and prompts as listed on their Wordpress.

Animal Quill's Prompts

Prompts for and essays by animal-people from the abandoned Animal Quills Dreamwidth.

Fictionkind's Prompts

Over 100 prompts from the Fictionkind Dreamwidth, crafted for anyone who has "any kind of fictional source or similar identity-impacting relationship to fiction."