Folcintera /foʊk.ən.tɛɹə/ Noun. 
Folk (People as carriers of culture; of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a land, their culture, tradition, or history) + inte (in, inside; based off of inter- between, amid, among, during, within, mutual, reciprocal) + tera (sign, marvel, wonder; divine sign, omen, portent; monster); literally meant to translate to "The folks' monster" or “The monster within folk(lore).

The unique experience of an individual who non-physically identifies as an animal from or deeply intertwined with mythos/folklore; a person who experiences a form of involuntary, intrinsic nonhumanity with aspects of both animality and sapience, and which originates from or is personally intrinsically tied to mythology, folklore, or other forms of cultural legend. This nonhumanity is not a separate entity from the individual, nor is it roleplay or another fictitious form of temporary self-identification; it is interwoven with their “self” and impacts  their everyday lived experiences.

Alt. Folkintera
Plural. Folcintera
See also:
Folcinteric Nonhumanity (Nonhumanity as originating from or primarily being folcintera).
Theriomythic (An individual who identifies non-physically as a type of categorically fantastical creature, but whose experiences within their identity are marked by a unique animality; An individual who identifies non-physically as a creature from mythology, folklore, or another form of legend).

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